NXT Financial Inc. (Brokerage Lic. #13650)

Please read the following and indicate your consent by signing below:

I/We warrant and confirm that the information given in the mortgage application form is true and correct and I/we understand that it is being used to determine my/our credit responsibility and to evaluate and respond to my/our request for mortgage financing. You are authorized to obtain and store any information you may require for their purpose from any other sources (including for example, credit bureau) and each source is hereby authorized to provide you with such information. I/We also understand, acknowledge, and agree that the information given in the mortgage application form as well as other information you obtain in relation to my credit history may be disclosed to potential mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, other service providers, organizations providing technological or other support services required in relation to this application and any other parties with whom I/we propose to have a financial relationship.

I/We further acknowledge and agree that each potential mortgage lender, mortgage insurer or service provider to who you provide the mortgage application and/or my/our personal information is permitted to receive such application and disclose personal information about me/us. This includes information indicated on my/our mortgage application and to hold, use, and communicate information and maintain records relating to me/us. I/We also acknowledge and permit the use to hold, use, communicate and disclose personal information about me/us, including my/our Social Insurance Number (SIN) if provided, collection of personal information from me/us, you and from third parties, including credit bureau agencies, credit reporting agencies and collection agencies, financial institutes, my/our past and present employers, creditors and tenants, my/our spouse or any other person who has information about me/us for the purposes of recording, evaluating and responding to my/our application for mortgage financing or related activities. I/we specifically consent to the release and disclosure of personal information by such persons to and among you and each potential mortgage lender, mortgage insurer or other service provider.

I/We furthermore authorized to disclose, in response to direct inquiries from any other lender or credit bureau, such information on my/our loaning account as you consider appropriate, and I/we agree to indemnify you against and save you harm from any or all claims in damages or otherwise arising from such disclosure on your part. You are also authorized to retain the application whether the relative mortgage is approved. I/We, the borrower(s) also acknowledge that the lender may be paying the broker/agent a referral fee, points, finder’s fee, and bonuses based on volume and/or a brokerage fee. I/We, the borrower(s) is/are responsible to pay all other costs incurred including appraisal fees, legal fees, and any other fees to obtain the said mortgage approval applied for.

In addition, I/we acknowledge and understand that my/our Mortgage Broker may be licensed to sell in addition to mortgages, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability, Group Insurance, Mutual Funds, GIC’s, Segregated Funds and Real Estate.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) went into effect on July 1st, 2014. It applies if a computer system in Canada is used to send or access an electronic message. Therefore, I/we give my/our consent to NXT Financial to send me/us communications about the latest mortgage news, rates, events, products and services electronically.

The Parties hereby consent and agree to the use of electronic signature pursuant to the Electronic Commerce Act 2000, S.O. 2000, with respect to this Agreement and any other documents respecting this transaction.